Toyota Prius

We picked the Prius up yesterday afternoon. We went to a Thai restaurant in St. Albans afterwards so it was well after dark by the time we drove home. Driving home was no problem. If anything, it seemed easier to drive at night than the Passat.

Today, I drove Tui to her watercolor class in Jericho. I probably drove about 50 miles today. The handling seemed fine and it is challenging to use the screen display to drive with the lowest fuel consumption possible.

Tomorrow I need to get a cable so that I can hook up my iPod through the AUX port at the bottom of the center console.


2011 Toyota Prius

Yesterday evening, we put a deposit on a new, silver, 2011 Toyota Prius Three at Handy Toyota in St. Albans.  We will be picking it up today at 4pm.  I’m excited, and apprehensive.  I’m apprehensive because I’m a bit concerned about the handling characteristics and then there are several quirks alluded to on the PriusChat forums.  One of these is that you never want to let the gas run too low as you may suddenly run out of gas and if you try to run it on electric only, you can cause $5000 worth of damage to the inverter.