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After not using X-Plane for several years, I’m back trying to re-learn and learn more. My focus when I last used it was on the Ramzzess Boeing 777. I started off with that again but now have diverged to the Cessna 172 (the X-Plane supplied one, not a purchased one) and using a service called PilotEdge which provides radio communications within a limited area of southern California and Nevada. There is a map here, showing the area. There is also an expanded area that you can see on the same map. The basic service area is a hefty $20 a month. The expanded area which they call the Western Expansion Area goes as far north as Spokane, Washington and as far east as Denver, Colorado.

Flying the Cessna 172 has been a lot of fun and I’m trying to re-learn and hone my skills. When I went out to Ann Arbor last August for my brother Pusstoe’s memorial service, Susan offered me any of his flight sim stuff. I took a CH Flight Sim Yoke and a Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Flight Stick (joystick). I think there was a throttle console too and now I’m sorry I didn’t bring that back with me too. I’ve been making use of the yoke to fly the Cessna and I’ll try it on the Boeing 777 when I go back to it. Overall, it seems easier for flying a powered plane but my old Saitek AV8R is superior for flying gliders in Condor.

I’ve been doing a lot of touch and go landings and am trying to make them more precise, keeping my pattern withing a half mile of the runway. This is what is recommended for a light, slow moving aircraft. The faster the plane, the further you need your pattern from the runway.

I’ve been using an app called FltPlan Go on the ipad to help me keep my pattern with those parameters. I find the trim, which I have linked to one of the levers on the yoke, much too sensitive so I’m going to work on ameliorating that. Another thing that I’m working on ameliorating are the views that are very important for visual landings. As it is, I can only see the end of the runway flying base with great difficulty. By the time I see the runway end, I’ve almost always flown too far!

Here are some helpful resources I’ve found for the C-172.


Tips on using AP (Auto Pilot) on the Ramzzess 777 Boeing Worldliner Professional


AP or A/P – Autopilot

FBW – Fly By Wire

Even with A/P engaged, FBW (Fly By Wire) will sense your control input.

If you do not center your mouse-yoke when activating the A/P, you will be sending a constant nose-up input. That means, you are permanently exerting a control force on the yoke, which is sensed by the FBW. The A/P might or might not have enough power to trim against it.

In the real world, there is a very simple rule: Give the A/P a well trimmed airplane, and the A/P will return you a well trimmed airplane.

That means, if you engage the A/P, you should have little to no control force at all. Translated to your mouse-yoke that means the mouse yoke should be completely centered when engaging the A/P. That in turn protects you from nasty surprises when disengaging the A/P.


FMS data updates for Ramzzess Boeing 777 for X-Plane

You can download new data for the Ramzzess Boeing 777 from the Navigraph web site. Navigraph supplies FMS data  and aeronautical charts for aircraft simulations only. They are not for real world aviation! Scroll down the page until you come to this entry:


They offer several different subscriptions.

They recommend backing up before installing the updates. My computer is still backing up so I haven’t installed them yet. There is no exe installer as the instructions seem to imply. I’m just going to merge the files into the “777 Worldliner Professional” folder.