Model 3 trip to Perennial Pleasures Nursery in Hardwick, VT

Yesterday we took a trip to Perennial Pleasures Nursery in Hardwick, VT. This was 128 miles round trip but seems much longer. This is about our third trip to this destination but the first in Mr. Tess. Perennial Pleasures Nursery is a very nice little nursery in a hilly part of Hardwick. We go there because they have a really good selection of Phlox and because they serve english tea in a beautiful setting. English tea, in this case consists of diminutive sandwiches with nothing but cucumbers and some sort of mayonnaise/mustard spread. It doesn’t sound like much but they are served with a very thin pumpernickel rye bread and they are really delicious. In addition to the sandwiches there are scones with jam and whipped cream and, of course, tea. The atmosphere is really nice and the owner and the help are extremely nice and gracious.

One of the nicest parts of this trip is the drive made even nicer because we got to drive our Tesla! We don’t drive every day and this time, in particular, I couldn’t believe how smooth the model 3 is. There are no highways on this trip, mostly beautiful Vermont countryside, green fields, woods and small towns.

I’ve been working on how to keep better track of trip statistics in the model 3. Not long ago I discovered that when you swipe right in the cards area of the touchscreen (the lower left section) to bring up the trips window, there is more trip information accessed by scrolling the trip window down. Those data screens are:

  1. Since the beginning of the last trip (I think)
  2. Since last charge
  3. Trip 1
  4. Trip 2

Trip 1 and Trip 2 can be reset and renamed. I took one person’s suggestion to rename Trip 1 to “Long Term Efficiency.” If I never reset it, then it will have the average usage since I purchased the car.

I am using Trip 2 to record an actual trip so, for this trip I renamed it Perennial Pleasures and reset it before we started the trip.

I photographed these screens after we returned from the trip so this first image shows the distance, kWh and Wh/mi for our trip from Perennial Pleasures to home. The Wh/mi was very low for the return trip. I think the Wh/mi on the leg from home to Hardwick was at least 230 Wh/mi.

The photo below shows usage for the whole trip.

Finally, this image shows our usage for as long as we’ve owned the car. It might include before the car was delivered to us too. There was about 15 miles on the car when delivered.


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