New York State Easypass

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My friend Kinne, who had homes in both Maine and New York City for many years, told me about Easypass several years ago. If you don’t already know, Easypass is a system used on New York State toll roads and bridges that allows a car to drive right through the toll booth (slowly!) and being billed later. Once you register your car in the Easypass program, you will be sent a transponder to put in your car which identifies you with the Easypass system when you drive through a toll booth in the Easypass lane. You will then be charged electronically through a bank account for which you have provided the account number.

I tried to register last spring in anticipation of driving to Michigan to visit my brother but I was denied because I wasn’t a New York resident. Early this fall we went to visit my sister in New York City. On the way back to Vermont we took the Henry Hudson parkway. When we reached the toll both there was a sign that said “Do not stop. You will be billed later.” Sure enough, several months later I received a bill in the mail for the toll. I was delighted to see a message on the bill that said that I could go to their web site and enter a number from the bill to open an account. Sure enough I was able to do that. An amazing advantage, besides the convenience, is that you get a big discount off from the current charge as well as all future tolls. My current charge was discounted by about 50%!

I can’t wait to try my Easypass on my next trip!

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