Organizational Tools

I’ve already mentioned that I’m trying to get better organized by using Evernote.  Another tool that I’m starting to use is Zotero.  It is bibliographic software, but I’m using it more as a browser bookmark tool.  It remains to be seen how useful it will be but I’m hoping that the extra information it provides, or that I can add as a note for each site, will be of value.  It may seem like a good thing at the moment only because it is not so cluttered as my book marks which are way out of hand even though I periodically do my best to weed and organize them. There is a menu item, “Create New Item from current page”, that saves a copy of the current page.  You can instantly view the saved version by clicking View Snapsh0t on the info tab in Zotero.

Zotero does have the added advantage of being able to catalog things that aren’t just web sites, especially books, journals, etc.  If you go to a site like amazon and locate an actual book for sale, a special icon will appear at the right hand side of the address bar that indicates that the page supplies bibliographic information that Zotero can save when you click on the icon.


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