Australian Flight for FSEconomy – Moranbah (YMBH) TO Gunnedah (YGDH) at FL220 (22,000 Feet)

I bought my first plane in FSEconomy, a Quest Kodiak 100 on November 24th, 2017. It had 86 hours on engine and airframe and I paid $413,144.00, which seemed like a good price. It was located at Limnos Airport (LGLM) on the Aegean island of Limnos, Greece.

After I bought the plane, I decided I would fly it back to the USA in an Easterly direction to benefit from favorable winds aloft. I also decided that I should take the opportunity to visit Papua New Guinea, a country where this plane is used by Christian missionaries to get in and out of small landing strips in the jungle highlands.

I just left there this morning because there was a good assignment to the northern peninsula of Australia which is quite close to PNG (Papua New Guinea). At first I was going to fly back to PNG but developed itchy feet and anxious to get back to New Zealand.

Here is my current itinerary:

I am flying this leg of 548nm at 22,000 feet for best economy. The next leg will be from Gunnedah Airport to Norfolk Island International Airport (YSNF) on Norfolk island, a distance of 927nm. This will be my furthest flight so far in the Kodiak and I will have to maximize fuel because I’m not sure exactly what my range is yet. It will be very exciting!

I have a tail wind of a little under 10 knots for this leg. Hopefully it will continue to be a tail wind for the flight to Norfolk Island although it is 90 degrees to my current course so I suppose it is unlikely! Infact, looking at the charts, it looks like I will have 90 degree cross wind!

Here is a screen shot of the cockpit showing FL200 on the altimeter:


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