Hahnweide Challenge 2011—Day 3

I haven’t flown this one yet.  It is an Assigned Area speed task.  I believe that this is the first time that Team SA has held an AAT/s.  I’ve done a few and got 5th in one in last year’s World Championship at Prievidza but I’m rusty so I’m studying it pretty carefully.  I’m not sure how the task was created.  ShowCondorIGC recognizes it as an AAT but in Condor the turn points show up as 360 degree 500m TPs.

I also managed to create the task in SeeYou PC but the maximum distance differs from the task description by a couple of Kilometers.  The first TP has a diameter of 15k and the second has a diameter of 20k.  The lift is weak so carrying the optimum amount of ballast will be critical.



The AAT was created to allow slower planes to be able to complete a task.  Every AAT speed task has a minimum time for completion.  For this task it is 1:30.  If you complete in less than an 1:30, then your speed will be calculated by dividing the distance by the minimum time.  Say you made the shortest course you could by turning as soon as you touched the perimeter of each turn point zone.  That minimum distance is shown above as 153.6km.  I’ll round it off to 154km.  Say you completed that in 1 hour.  154/1 = 154kmph.  But that’s not the speed that would be calculated.  It would be 154/1.5 = 103kmph.  1.5 equals 1 hour 30 minutes.  So you might want to go the shortest distance that you can do in 1:30.  It’s OK to take a little longer but you definitely don’t want to finish in less time.  Of course if you are flying a fast second half of the task, you might want to stretch it out a bit.  I believe that you want to avoid flying much to the left or right of the turn point because that will be extra distance flown that won’t register for your official distance.  I don’t know how the distance is calculated though.  You also have to take the number and quality of clouds and the terrain, in any given segment of the turn point area, into consideration.

Thursday, July 21

I did this race yesterday evening. As I mentioned, this is an Assigned Area Speed Task which Condor doesn’t know how to score. When you finish the race, your “results” are displayed below in the disconnected list even though you weren’t disconnected.  This is because the race needs to be scored manually and your flight track is required to do this. Today I’m now showing as second in the results but I’m not sure that the scoring has been completed.

The truth is, my performance was really miserable and I made a few blatant mistakes. For example, once you cross the border of the assigned area, you have effectively crossed the turn point even though you plan to to fly to the center of the turn point or further. The first thermal I took after entering the area, when I left the thermal I blindly followed the turn point window so flew for several seconds away from the center of the turn point. After that I always oriented myself using the CU map!

My flight was really long, probably close to two hours. On the way to TP2 I backtracked and side tracked several times, hoping for better lift.

The lift didn’t seem that horrible although my final average was about 1.1 meters/second. I retained full ballast for a while but finally I drained for about 15 seconds, which made a noticeable difference in my ability to stay centered in the weak thermals.

Author: korkiley

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4 thoughts on “Hahnweide Challenge 2011—Day 3”

  1. I thought I commented, but I don’t see my comment. Anyway, if you have a really good day with a lot of lift, do you just fly farther into the aria, but as straight past the turnpoint as possible? Butch

  2. I just went in Hahnweide and got carried away and the 8 minute thing ran out. Do I get more than one try for each day? I planned to disconnect before it started. WUZZ

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