Puismoisson 208 Weekly race

As I said in a previous post, the SA Team weekly races are practice races and each pilot is allowed five tries.  I made three tries for this race represented by three tracks in the image below.  Red is my first try.  The biggest problem with this attempt was that I made the flight to the ridge at nearly red line.  I also hit the ridge further north than in my other attempts and, as you can see, I started from the left hand side of the start line (lower left corner).  This put me too low on the ridge.  I never gained enough altitude to fly near the top of the ridge to the north before flying east to round TP 1.  It may look like I could have turned right and followed the ridge but I really didn’t have enough altitude to get over there.  I ended up circling for several minutes way north to get enough altitude to make TP 1.

On the second attempt (blue), I flew much slower to the ridge and also started from the right hand side of the start, giving me a better angle for joining the ridge sooner (further south).  The problem here was that I didn’t have enough altitude at TP 1 to clear the ridge just south of the turn point.  That’s why you see the loop back north to clear the two ridges to the west before heading south.  The other problem was that I was a bit low for TP 2 and just squeaked through the notch just after crossing the first leg.  It may have also been a mistake to take this route instead of the more open route further to the east.  I liked this route because it gave me a more direct shot at TP 3, but I had to slow down a lot in order to gain the altitude necessary to keep moving forward and I just barely squeaked through the pass at the point where my track joins my leg one track.

I just checked the result summary for that leg to Cabane Des Mulets and the first attempt was the slowest and my average speed was way up on my third attempt, so maybe that route was good after all!

Flight info of my three attempts from CondorIGC 2.6 by Helmut Kuenne


Puismoisson 208 Race Results       

Notice Tom Rogacki from the USA a little over three minutes ahead of me.  Good work Tom.  It will be nice to have an fellow countryman to improve the record for the USA while my brother Aaron is out for the season flying real gliders.                                                                                                                                                    

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