Taraburi and Baan Mae Kampong

We have now been staying here at Taraburi for several weeks but we just returned from three days stay at a little mountain village about 50 Km from Chiang Mai called Baan Mae Kampong. The village of Baan Mae Kampong is part of a network called CBT (Community Based Tourism). The CBT locations provide homestay for tourists who come to learn about the local culture and also be able to participate in some local activities if desired. For our stay at Mae Kampong we stayed with a family and were provided with a guide daily who showed us various points of interest in the community.

Baan Mae Kampong is located east of Chiang Mai in the mountains at an elevation of about 1300 meters. They have been cultivating, harvesting and producing tea and tea products for generations. More recently they have begun cultivating, harvesting and processing coffee.



Rai Saeng Arun Thailand

Tui and I have been in Thailand since October 5th. We stayed in Muang Thong Tani in a condo C6 until October 24th. We stayed with Tui’s brother Pom in Chiang Mai until October 30th. We stayed at the Chiang Rai Condotel until Sunday, November 4th.

We are now at a beautiful organic farm, eco-resort in Rai Saeng Arun on the Mekong river across from Laos. We will be here until November 8th when we will be returning to Chiang Mai and staying for a month or more at the Taraburi resort outside of Chiang Mai.