Monday Night Soaring Europe–Day 167

It seems like I screw something up in this series of these races almost every time.  Last week I was too high over the start line and didn’t realize it for a couple of minutes.  This week I forgot to add ballast!  It made for some great thermalling and I kept up with the pack for quite a while but it really killed my final glide and average speed.  My average speed was not much over 100 kmph for most of the race.  I ended up a little under 110 Kmph.  Other than that it was a fun race although thermalling was treacherous with often six to eight other gliders in a thermal.  I had some close calls and heard two explosions which must have been from a collision.  This was before the start.

Winds were not strong but there was some ridge lift that could be utilized a long the way, especially the southern part of the first leg.  There were some steep cliffs on the East side and the wind was from 328 degrees.

My thermal average for the race was around 2 mps but, without ballast, I was well over 3 mps for several thermals.