This web site will be about my personal experiences with coffee, making coffee (mostly espresso).  It’s mostly about how to make the best espresso and lattées that I can make.  It will be about the coffee, the equipment and the technique.

For links on various aspects of making espresso and equipment, choose Espresso Making Techniques — Articles and Videos from the top menu. You can also choose my blog about coffee from the top menu. If you want to join or view my forum about coffee, you can choose that from the top menu too.

I began this blog using the WordPress 1012 theme. For some reason, windows live writer was unable to download that theme so I switched to the suffusion theme and will try to make that the default theme for all of my sites.

If you are interested, you can get to any of my sites from http://tortui.com . From there you can access my forums (including a coffee forum), my journal (which has sections for various subjects), CSIC (Condor Soaring Information Center) and Travel.

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