Shortest Airstrips in Papua, Indonesia to try!

I’m sitting at WT89 (Mbugulo) in the Quest Kodiak viewing the Nearest Airports function of the G1000. Scrolling through all the airstrips in range I can see which have the shortest runways. Here they are as I came across them. I intend to try all of them. I can’t believe that WA0D, Dadou, is only 970ft long! That is probably way to short for the Kodiak although the length is not necessarily the deciding factor on the possibility of landing. If there are no trees at the threshold and the runway slopes sharply, I can land on a much smaller strip.

WT89 Mbubulo 6680ft 06/24 soft surface 1260ft X 85ft

WABX Bilai 5673ft 12/30 soft 1350ft X 68ft — very difficult

WT86 Homeyo 5148ft 08/26 soft 1270ft X 59ft

WX74 Duma 4794ft 06/24 soft 1140ft X 81ft

WZ03 Hitadipa 5048ft 07/25 soft 1440ft X 68ft

WXY3 Kiman 2700ft 10/28 soft 1150ft X 66ft

WT11 Dboto 2550ft 07/25 soft 1340ft X 66ft

WXY5 Unnamed Fayu 380ft 07/22 soft 1290ft X 75ft

WA0D Dadou 4720ft 01/19 soft 970ft X 66ft

WX37 Beoga 6229ft 16/34 soft 1460ft X 79ft

WX80 Epamani 2300ft 16/34 soft 1220ft X 95ft

WXY7 Wahuka Old 339ft 15/33 soft 1400ft X 58ft

WXZ2 Wahuka 422ft 06/24 soft 1020ft X 68ft

WW41 Ogam 6590ft 03/21 soft 1390ft X 66ft


Author: korkiley

Systems Administrator at University of Vermont (retired as of 7/1/2012) Married Favorite Activities: Condor Glider Online Competition, Developing web sites, making espresso, and keeping a blog

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