FSEconomy Rental Period Timeout

Rental Time Limits

When you have rented an aircraft it is exclusively available to you. No other pilot can use it, not even its owner. To prevent aircraft from getting rented indefinitely, a time limit is applied by the owner. This time limit varies per aircraft, but is usually between 1-10 hours. If the flight has not been completed when the timeout expires, the flight is automatically cancelled and the aircraft is made available again. The FS Economy agent program shows the rental time you have left in the lower right corner. Pausing your flight does not pause this countdown.

If you are airborne and will not make your destination within the rental time remaining, you can land at the nearest airport, “end” your flight, re-rent the airplane and continue on!
The rental timer is a “real world countdown”.  Pausing your simulator, or flying at 4x time compression, has nothing to do with the rental timer and will not alter the countdown.  This timer starts counting down as soon as you hit “start flight” in your client.  Any time you spend after that performing checklists, taxiing, etc. are counted against Rental Timeout.  If you have a 3-hour Timer, and you completed a 2 hour flight, it’s possible that you might have exceeded your Rental Timer if you spent more than 1 commutative hour paused, or otherwise “not flying”. If you exceed the rental time limit, the flight will be canceled on the server. You will not get any indication in the sim that the flight has been canceled. When you land, you will not be able to log the flight. Depending on the particular client you are using, you may not get any warning messages as to why the flight will not log.

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