Adding New Scenery Files to Condor2Nav

Condor2Nav, a utility that will translate a Condor flight plan to use with XCSoar, hasn’t been supported since 2012 and there have been no new maps added since 2010. I was very frustrated by this since there have been a lot of new Condor sceneries added since then, and you won’t be able to translate a flight plan using a scenery that doesn’t have a .xcm file. I searched the Condor forums as well as the sourceforge condor2nav page, looking for instructions on how to do this. I didn’t find an easy answer but was able to piece together several different facts to figure out how to do it. Here are my steps:

  1. Go to the MapGen page on the XCSoar site.
  2. Enter the Map name. It should be the same name as the Condor scenery file. We can use AA (ArcAlps) as an example. The name of the scenery is AA which is the name of the Condor scenery directory for this scenery, i.e. …\condor\landscape\AA
  3. Fill in your emails address if you want to be notified when the map generation has been completed.
  4. The only option I changed was “Add waypoint file and compute map bounds automatically.”
  5. Choose the waypoint file that is located in …\condor\landscape\AA. It is the file with a .cup extension. In the case of AA it is called AA.cup
  6. Click “Generate”. The screen changes to AA: Creating terrain files.
  7. The generation can take ten or fifteen minutes for a large scenery. When it is done, there will be a Download push button.
  8. You can download it directly to …\condor2nav\Maps\Maps.
  9. Rename the file from AA.xcm to AA_1.0.xcm. The scenery appears in Condor as AA[1.0].
  10. Copy this file to the file that you downloaded from the condor2nav site. I do this for safe keeping.
  11. Attach the device you are using XCSoar on and copy this xcm file to …\XCSoarData\Condor2NavDataSubDir. You will have copied all of the files that were in when you were setting up XCSoar to use condor2nav.
  12. Edit D:\CondorUtils\condor2nav\condor2nav\data\XCSoar\SceneryData.csv and add the new scenery information in the same csv format that you see in the file. You should also place it in the correct alphabetical order. In my case, AA was the first entry in the file. I simply added the line: AA,AA_1.0.xcm,,  Be sure to add the two commas to the end of the line.
  13. There is one additional file that I added but am not sure it was necessary. Also, I didn’t know all the information that is provided in that file. The location is …\condor2nav\data\Landscapes and the file should have the name of the scenery file–in this case AA_1.0.TXT. You can look at the contents of one of the other files to see what is included. In my case, since I allowed mapgen to generate the xcm file based on the AA.cup (waypoint) file, I had no idea what the  values for


were so I deleted those lines and left the rest of the lines the same as for other files.

This should be all that is necessary! If I learn more in the future I will amend my instructions.


Author: korkiley

Systems Administrator at University of Vermont (retired as of 7/1/2012) Married Favorite Activities: Condor Glider Online Competition, Developing web sites, making espresso, and keeping a blog

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