Exploring Conda — Warming up for PyQT

There are several big Python distributions largely put together by the scientific community. One such is Anaconda. I’ve used this a bit in the past but never learned that much about it. I’m trying to really study it now to facilitate my development of some of my coffee roasting utilities with PyQt, a Python tool kit using the Qt development platform. According to the Riverbank web site:

PyQt is a set of Python v2 and v3 bindings for The Qt Company’s Qt application framework and runs on all platforms supported by Qt including Windows, MacOS/X and Linux. PyQt5 supports Qt v5. PyQt4 supports Qt v4 and will build against Qt v5. The bindings are implemented as a set of Python modules and contain over 1,000 classes.

Qt is largely used to develop GUI based application although it may also be used to develop command line applications.

Another distribution I’ve used a lot in the past is Enthought Canopy. The Canopy interface is pretty nice but I thought that it didn’t include some of the packages that I’m using for my scripts and thought that Anaconda seemed to include more of them. But as I gain experience, I find it is not that important. New packages like Reportlab and PyQt are easily added.

Every Python distribution uses a package manager to install and manage packages. The Anaconda team have created a very capable one called Conda. Yesterday I learned that PyCharm, the  IDE that I use for Python, allows you to include Conda environments. This is very desirable because it permits me to use PyCharm and Anaconda together.

Python and Qt
Python and Qt (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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