Shopping trip to Orewa

Today I threw all caution to the winds and self-drove from Manly to Orewa. This was the next step in my driving on the left hand side of the road education and practice. The strategy was to go early Sunday morning before the traffic became heavy. It worked out perfectly. We left about 8 am. The drive is pretty short–about 15 to 20 minutes.

Our main mission in Orewa was to go to the New World Market for groceries plus  a few dry goods, wine and water. Mission accomplished and we spent a lot! My other goal was to buy another US to New Zealand plug adapter at a place there called Dick Smith that sells portable computers and acessories. I bought an adapter for NZD 20, twice what we paid for the multi-adapter we bought in the US. I’m using it now but realized that I should have paid another $10 to get an adapter that had a built-in USB port. I intend to return and exchange it.

There was also a little farmer’s market where Tui bought some fruits.

Afterwards we went to a mediterranean restaurant called Casa Blanca that Peter had taken us to but I didn’t remember at all. We got a mixed plate which included Lavash bread and several different dips, olives and vegetables. It wasn’t particularly tasty but it wasn’t bad and a good deal at NZD 24 for two people.


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