Puntney Class of ’64 50th Reunion

Yesterday, Tui and I drove down to Putney for my 50th class reunion. There were quite a few of us present, twenty in all, I think. Jeff Jones was the first of my classmates that I saw. It was in the registration in the new large complex, the Currier Center. We talked a bit and he said he was going for madrigal singing at 10 in that building. He encouraged me to go even though I said that I probably wouldn’t be able to do much.

Tui signed up for a drawing class which was also to start at 10. We met the teacher and she said that they would be taking a “tour,”stopping to draw along the way. While I was talking to Jeff she disappeared and Jeff and I encountered Steve Flanders and Marc Mann and went to a room where Madrigal singing had already begun.

It had been nearly a half century since I had to sight read a music score so it was very tough going! Equally bad, I’ve lost my sense of pitch, etc. Fortunately I had Steve to my right who did pretty well, and that really helped me out. Jeff on my left wasn’t bad either. I saw Ngoima, Mark Obenhaus and Dan Potter come in and in the midst of it I noticed Joyce Walworth on the other side of the room from me.

Although I don’t do much research on the movie front, I’ve seen Jeff in a few films and really admire his acting. Most notable is Amadeus where, as King Joseph II he says one of my favorite lines! Right after he witnesses Constanza feinting on the stage, he turns his back and says, “Well, there you go!”

Here is a list of my classmates in attendance:

Fran Ansley 1964
Penelope Boehm 1964
Harriet Crosby 1964
Jan Egleson 1964
Stephen Flanders 1964
Edward Germon 1964
Dorcas Gray 1964
Jeffrey Jones 1964
Kor Kiley 1964
Marc Mann 1964
Terry Morris 1964
Mark Obenhaus 1964
Daisy Paradis 1964
Daniel Potter 1964
Peter Schubert 1964
David Shelton 1964
Leigh Smith 1964
Nancy Sondow 1964
Ngoima Wa Mwaura 1964
Joyce Walworth 1964

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