Decision about adding temperature probes to the Hottop


Hottop (Photo credit: skinnydiver)

I’m really not that sure how much difference it makes whether I used the Hottop built-in K type thermocouple or add a probe through the bean chute cover. But there is no question that a bean temperature probe inserted through the chute cover will be a tremendous aid to logging temperatures with the RoastMaster app if it is interfaced with one of the wireless temperature displays supported by RoastMaster.

One option would to install one or two probes into the bean chute cover and connect them to a BlueTherm Duo. This is a commercial grade temperature monitor with wifi and inputs for two temperature probes making it ideal to monitor bean temperature (BT) and environmental temperature (ET). It is pretty expensive though at $200. Also each probe costs $32 plus $10 shipping.

A cheaper solution would be to only monitor bean temperature. the iCelsius BBQ – cooking thermometer. It is also supported by RoastMaster, costs $65 and comes with a stainless steel temperature probe. I don’t know if that temperature probe is long enough to use through the Hottop’s bean chute cover though.

There is a complete rundown of these and another option, how to install and use them on the RoastMaster web site.


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