Progress with mastering the Hottop roaster

I can’t believe that I did my 6th roast with the new Hottop the day before yesterday. And that reminds me–it’s time to do some maintenance. Improving my roast technique means improving my mastery over the RoastMaster app as well as accustoming myself to the Hottop roaster. With my TurboCrazy I had only bean temperature to enter into RoastMaster. Now I need to enter fan and power. Fan settings can be 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%. Power settings are also in percentages but in 10% increments, i.e. 10% to 100%. Changing power and fan settings as the roast progresses, and then entering them into RoastMaster keeps me too busy to think clearly! As I have mentioned before, installing bean temperature and environmental temperature thermocouple probes through the bean chute door and interfacing them with a wireless temperature display device will cut down on thta work load significantly! I hope to do that within the next couple of months. I’ll probably start off with just a bean temperature probe without the wireless display device. That won’t cut down on the entry work in RoastMaster but it will give a more accurate display of bean temperature. Also, the required K type probe will work in my existing inexpensive temperature display.
Here is a link to an article on installing a temperature probe through the bean chute, but be warned that the author mistakenly installed his on the wrong side of the bean chute. Many people, including my brother, install two probes, one for bean temperature and one for environmental temperature. Because of the rotation of the roast chamber, the beans pile up on one side which is the ideal side to place the bean temp probe where it is easy to bury the probe in the bean mass. This would be the side closest to you when sitting facing the LCD display of the machine. The other side is ideal for placement of the environmental probe since you don’t want it near the bean mass. The bean temp probe will also have to be inserted further toward the bottom of the roast chamber.

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