Finally a solution for quickly creating a waypoint file for XCSoar from a Condor flight plan!

I’ve always felt that the process of creating a cup file from a Condor flight plan to use for re-creating the flight plan in XCSoar on my Gallaxy Tab 2, was too time consuming and awkward. One of the problems is that Condor waypoints do not correspond to turnpoints found in downloadable turnpoint files. In order to get around this I’ve been creating the task in Condor from a pre-race map usually provided an hour before a competition. Next I fly the flight plan very briefly, then save the IGC. Next, I open the IGC in SeeYou PC, go to flight properties and choose map edit. Now I zoom in on each turnpoint and if it doesn’t correspond with a waypoint already established on the map, I right click the point and create the waypoint. When I’ve created all the turnpoints I open a turnpoint window and <ctrl-g> (goto) one of my waypoints. I click “measure mode” just to the left of the location coordinates in the lower left of the screen, then select the turnpoints I just created by dragging an area around them with the mouse while holding down the shift key.

Note: On some servers is saving FPL when connected forbidden – u need to connect, then join the task, and quick disconnect. After this start Condor, go to FreeFlight and load “” as a task – then u can save FPL and use Condor2Nav to transfer files needed in XCSoar…

Here is a utility by Frank Paynter that extracts the waypoints from a Condor landscape file ending in .apt, found in the scenery directories. CondorWPFileGen

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