CWC 2013 Race Day 4 problems

I made a long preparation for this race but there was never a server running to join! The organizer has had a lot of problems. I hope he manages to sort things out soon. This is getting old!

Incidentally, I discovered recently that there is a cup file in every landscape directory. Unfortunately they are not necessarily complete. There was on turn point missing that was used for this race, Langogne_Lespero. I created the task in Condor though and grabbed all the waypoints within the area that the race covers, saved them to a cup file and added that file to the More waypoints on the Site Files configuration page of XCSoar.

Author: korkiley

Systems Administrator at University of Vermont (retired as of 7/1/2012) Married Favorite Activities: Condor Glider Online Competition, Developing web sites, making espresso, and keeping a blog

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