Monday Night Soaring Europe—Day 247

I suddenly decided to do the Monday Night Soaring race yesterday. I had to do some errands and wasn’t able to start using the first server at 1:30 pm but there is usually another server that starts 15 or 20 minutes later and then there is an additional server starting at 2:30 and 3:30. I’m determined to take these races less serious and not even worried if I’m not that prepared. I had a lot of problems getting a cup file export of the waypoints I needed and this slowed down and drew out the preparation substantially, otherwise I might have been able to do the 2:30 server.

I may not have mentioned that I am no longer using the iPaq that my brother Aaron sent me a couple of years ago. And I’m not using the Dell Streak running Android that he sent me right after I returned from Thailand at the beginning of March. Tui and I were in Costco not long after where we spotted a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 for only $169! I grabbed it and returned the streak to Aaron—well really John Sullivan since he was the kind hearted soul that donated the tablet to me. Aaron was the kind-hearted soul who shipped it to me! Thank you John and Aaron!

So now I’m running XCSoar v6.6 beta 2 Android on my Android tablet. It’s such a superior system to the iPaq, especially because of the screen quality and the processor speed. And then XCSoar is just superior to the SeeYou version that was running on the iPaq. Here is a screen shot I just took while in IGC replay mode. I’m replaying my disastrous MNS flight yesterday.


Notice how beautiful the screen resolution is!

Only about 4 or 5 other pilots began the race with me. The great Andrez Czop was one if them. I would like to have been able to follow him and just before he dove for the start line he said hi as he passed me but I never even made visual contact with him, and with a mere 2km visual range, he was off the radar before I could make visual contact.

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