I finally have some rudder pedals!

After flying Condor and X-Plane for years without rudder pedals I finally received some for my 68th birthday on April 11th 2013!

I was very apprehensive about purchasing them and using them–apprehensive about purchasing them because I wasn’t confident that $100 could buy me onces that were worthwhile–apprehensive about using them because, having flown without them for all these years, I questioned by ability to use them skillfully and effectively. I tried to use the twist stick to control rudder for quite a while before switching to autorudder in Condor and never had a lot of success with that.

It’s been close to two weeks now since I started using them but haven’t used them a lot, in fact, I haven’t used them in an actual race and I AM afraid that my race performance may suffer. However, I did practice quite a lot doing strond crosswind takeoffs and landings and feel I’m starting to get the hang of them. Coordinating them in general, at first seemed very difficult, but I think that I’m now getting the feel for it and doing pretty well. I also discovered that at very high speed, especially approaching red line, that most maneuvers require little or no rudder, probably because the ailerons are so much more effective at those speeds. A small amount of deflection only results in a small amount of drag, so very little rudder to couter the drag.

I hope to try the Soaring on Heaven Real race soon. This race goes for a month and your best of five counts. I tried it once without rudder pedals. Hopefully I’ll have a report on that later.

Saitek Rudder Pedals

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