Tui’s HQ trials

We are at DoiTung on Niemanheiman Road. We had to deal with an order that Tui made to HQ which Pom picked up yesterday. The online order that Tui tried to transact a couple of days ago failed but they notified Pom that the order was ready anyway. He very kindly picked it up yesterday and paid the unpaid bill. He brought it over this morning and then gave us a ride to the southwest corner of the old city.

From there we walked to HQ paper which is very near Wat Pra Singh. Tui did some more shopping and dealt with the bill while I waited outside studying the maps on the free brochures available there. It’s a pretty pleasant place sit because HQ is down a little side alley which is pretty quiet. HQ is very clean and there are two chairs outside the store with a little round table with the brochures.

I studied maps and I studied my Thai phrase book. Then I studied maps again…then I started weeding photos from the iPad since there is almost no space left on same. After a while one of the store workers brought me out a VAT form to sign…then I looked at maps…looked at the phrase book…weeded photos.

Tui entered the store at 10am. She finally came out at 12:45! She took so long because there was a screw up with her bill and they had to re-do the whole thing and not very efficiently apparently!

We were both dead hungry so we caught a red songthaew to Niemanheiman Soi 11 and walked to Pai’s noodle shop, Zia, where we wolfed down 5 bowls of noodles between us. From there we walked back down the street toward sirimaenkalongjon to the chicken place, Wichean, and bought one grilled chicken. Wichean has the reputation for having the best grilled chicken in the area. You can buy it to go and also eat there. They serve a few other items to go with it.

After that we walked here, to DoiTung.


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