MNS Europe Day 177

Aoraki/Mount Cook

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I left work at noon to do the MNS Europe race today.  The race was in New Zealand.  It started in Omarama, took a short jag to the East, then north northeast to Glentanner south of Mount Cook.  There was a little ridge going north where I found some strong blue thermals off certain parts of the ridge.  Mostly it didn’t pan out though and it was largely a thermal race with thermals in the 2.5 to 3 meters per second range.

What was notable about my performance in this race was that I didn’t make any major mistakes except for the start.  I crossed above the minimum start altitude and had to circle back and restart.



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Author: korkiley

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2 thoughts on “MNS Europe Day 177”

    1. Hi Sue! How on earth did you come across my blog?! Other than my brother, son and spammers, you are the first person to leave a comment here! It’s really for myself. It would be incredibly boring to anyone, with the possible exception of someone competing in these same simulated glider competitions. I checked out your blog briefly but want to look more. You have many beautiful photos of New Zealand (I didn’t take the photo of mount Cook–downloaded it with Zemanta.) I was there six or seven years ago visiting my wife’s sister, husband and niece. We traveled around quite a bit and probably hit many of the same spots that you did including, Queenstown, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Doubtful Sound and Mount Cook. I live in Vermont which is nice but I was absolutely stunned by the New Zealand landscape.

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