Bluehost adjustments with google apps

Thanks to some help articles on my Bluehost site I discovered that not only could I use my google apps domain name, for my Bluehost site as an addon domain; I could do so while retaining all of my google apps functionality.  I made all this happen.  The final very delightful discovery was that I could then switch the primary domain on my Bluehost site from to  I have now successfully done this.  Too bad I’m paid up for two or three years with the name.  I could offer it for sale but I don’t know if I want someone else with a name so close to  Below are the instructions that I followed except I already had the google apps account.  I should say that I first tried it using the domain name and creating a trial Google Apps account.

How to set up Google Apps for your account


How do I use Google Apps for my email?


To set up your account to work with Google Apps, you will first need to set up a Google Apps account.

Once you have the account created, you will need to get the mx entries set to the google servers. To do so, you will use the DNS Zone Editor tool in the Domains section of the cPanel.

DNS Zone Editor

  1. Choose your domain from the drop-down menu.
  2. Delete the current MX Entry (Click delete to the right of the current MX Entry)
  3. Add the following entries, where the preceding number is the priority:
  4. Priority Entry

    For each entry, set the name value as @, the priority as the number, and the destination as the entry itself.

Using to check my email

To be able to access the Google Apps by using, you will need to change the CNAME for the domain using the DNS Zone Editor tool in the cpanel. You would enter the following information:

Host Record: mail
TTL: 14400
Points To:


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