Hahnweide Challenge 2011

I completed the first race of the 2011 Hahnwide Challenge last night.  To my surprise, I was in second place behind Andries Lombaard.  There were only 21 racers though, and no Hungarians participated.  I still think that I did pretty well.  Starting with my second attempt at a practice race for Hahnweide last week, I decided to set my MC much lower than I have been.  Even though thermals in the start led me to believe that I should be able to get at least 1.5 mps thermals, I set my MC to only 1.  Later in the race after getting a couple of really good thermals I moved my MC up to 1.2.  Another thing that I did was, when climbing for final glide I was about 250 meters below what the flight computer indicated would be the right altitude for the climb rate of the thermal.  I feel that, if you are close to the optimum altitude for the MC, you will probably lose time by looking for another thermal to climb all the way to that altitude unless your are still very far from the finish.  Instead I adjusted my MC to make it to the finish and tried to improve my position by porpoising to the finish.

Author: korkiley

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