CSIC (Condor Soaring Information Center) Revisited

I have revisited my project to create a web site for information on Condor the Competition Soaring simulator.  Currently I have a development site on my personal computer and a test site on my hosting service, JustHost.com ( http://csic.kortui.com ).  I have been using SourceRepo.com to host my subversion repository and project management for the project.  Because of a project at UVM to eliminate ssn from library patron records, I stopped working on this project some time ago.  I always find it difficult to return to a project after leaving it for more than a few days.  In this case, notes that I kept in MS OneNote and recently transferred to Evernote, have made it much easier to return to work on it.

I decided that there should be no reason to pay four dollars a month to store my repository and project management notes when I could do something elsewhere for free.  What I decided to do instead is to move the whole thing to my personal computer.  Below are steps that I have followed up to this point.


Steps to close out SourceRepo repository

  1. On fedora13 vm tar /var/www/html/csic and save it to D:\Documents\csic
  2. Checkout csic repository to c:\users\kor\csic2
    1. svn co https://tortui.sourcerepo.com/tortui/csic csic2
  3. Exported my sourcerepo repository using the Prepare Project Backup at https://secure15.sourcerepo.com/projects/view/11866. A link is emailed to me for picking up the tar file produced: https://tortui.sourcerepo.com/backups/tortui/FriFeb25004708.tar.gz .  This file contains the subversion repository as well as the Trac information.
  4. Installed Collabnet Subversion Edge to host the subversion repository on my own computer.
  5. Copied the csic-54 directory from the backup to c:\csvn\data\repositories .  This is the default location for the Subversion Edge server.
  6. I did a test checkout on my fedora13 csic VM from the repository that I created:
    1. svn co csic –username=admin
  7. I did a test checkout from kortui.com with svn co ‘http://tortui.from-vt.com/svn/csic’ csic2 –username=admin .  This failed until I went into my router configuration and changed the port forward address for port 80 from (the address of my csic vm) to, the address of my PM.
2/26/2011 8:08 AM
Since I wanted to move my repository for csic from sourcerepo to my local machine I had to do a checkout from the repo that I had moved there and was now running with Collabnet Subversion Edge.
  1. Upgraded drupal on development and committed changes to repo at sourcerepo.
  2. Did another backup of my sourcerepo including TRAC.
  3. replaced C:\csvn\data\repositories\csic with the new backup csic-58 (58 is version 58)
  4. moved /var/www/html/csic …/csic.bak
  5. checkout a new instance of csic
    1. svn co csic –username=admin
  6. copy /var/www/html/csic.bak/sites/default/settings.php to new csic checkout

Author: korkiley

Systems Administrator at University of Vermont (retired as of 7/1/2012) Married Favorite Activities: Condor Glider Online Competition, Developing web sites, making espresso, and keeping a blog

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