Second Attempt at Sion 194

Last night I took another stab at the Sion 194 task in the Swiss Alps.  I made my first attempt on Tuesday evening.  This task looks like a ridge soaring race but with only a 5.5 knot wind, you need to rely on the excellent thermals.  I sort of realized that on Tuesday and got over 10,000 in a thermal early on the first leg, but with TP1 at a nominal 12,500, you really need to plug away at gaining altitude for the entire leg.  I failed that on my first attempt and was too low to get under any of the clouds which were all hovering above ridges.  I got pretty frustrated and eventually crashed into a ridge while trying to eke out some lift while flying much too close for safety.  I shouldn’t get in the habit of doing this even though it is a simulation.

Before starting last night, I studied the maps very carefully and came up with a strategy.  I pretty much stuck with that strategy and ended up in third place for now.

Not long after I finished I saw that Puddie was on course and coming down the final stretch.  After he finished I called him.  He said that I had a pretty rough time of it, but his time really wasn’t that bad, especially for a first attempt.

Winding through the valley on final glide

Author: korkiley

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