Water Bottles on Everybody's Mind

There’s been a lot of publicity about certain plastics leaching Bishpenol A (BPA).  Here is a good article on Bisphenol A. We’ve been buying Poland Springs water from COSTCO for years and then reusing the bottles.  Actually, these are #1 plastic and supposedly do not contain Bisphenol A.  However, Wichada and I both decided that we would rather not be drinking out of plastic bottles so we started reusing all our Pellegrino and Apolinaris glass water bottles. They are very heavy though, and can break, so last Saturday I bought a 27oz Klean Kanteen stainless water bottle from City Market our local food co-op.

However, the problem remained that our bottled water supplier, Crystal Rock/Vermont Springs, delivers our water in #7 plastic containers. The good news is that I just called them, and they have #1 plastic bottles that they will deliver our water in from now on!

Author: korkiley

Systems Administrator at University of Vermont (retired as of 7/1/2012) Married Favorite Activities: Condor Glider Online Competition, Developing web sites, making espresso, and keeping a blog

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